Meet our artists.

The Zurich Sessions involve awarding winning professionals from the national und global music scene.

Peter Baumgartner - New Music Out Now
  • Peter Baumgartner

    Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

    Peter is a talented singer and songwriter from Switzerland, living in the United Arab Emirates. He is well connected to the Swiss and international music scene and has been inspired ever since by diverse cultural backgrounds and music styles. He is known to carefully select his projects and his Zurich Sessions recordings mark his return to the international music stage.

  • Tony Cedras

    Piano, Accordion

    Tony is a highly respected multi-instrumentalist from Cape Town, South Africa. He played with the likes of Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela and is an original member of Paul Simon’s studio and touring band for his monumental Graceland album. Tony’s most recent solo work brings him back to the roots of native South African music and language.

  • Vincent Nguini

    Lead Guitar

    Over the years, Vincent, a Cameroonian guitarist who lives in New York, has become a musical inspiration and close friend of Paul Simon. They collaborated for the first time on Paul’s multi-Platinum selling The Rhythm of the Saints album and Vincent stayed a highly valued member of his studio and live band ever since.

  • Dani Schaub

    Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin

    Dani has played guitar in several famous Swiss bands and productions. He is a founding member of the critically acclaimed "Heinz de Specht“, a multi-instrumental acoustic trio. He also composed jingles regularly for Swiss TV productions. As Musical Director and close friend of Peter for decades, Dani has been crucially influential in shaping Peter’s song material to create the Zurich Sessions’ unique mood and vibes.

  • Simon Kistler


    ‘Simi’ has worked with the Who’s Who of the Swiss music scene such as Michael von der Heide, Adrian Stern, Philipp Fankhauser and most recently Marc Sway, as a member of Marc’s recording and live band.

  • Simon Winiger


    At the age of sixteen, Simon toured for the first time with a band. Since then, he has become a most wanted studio and live musician who regularly plays with Swiss top acts such as most recently Marc Sway. He also is a composer of various chart hits.

  • Brigitte Wullimann

    Backing Vocals

    Brigitte graduated in 2005 from the Bern University of the Arts. She attended master courses under the „New York Voices“ Dianne Reeves and Mark Murphy. Today she is active in several band projects that cover different styles from jazz, rock and pop to funk and cabaret. She is the vocal professional of choice for many leading artists and bands such as the Pepe Lienhard Big Band.

  • Lisa Sager

    Backing Vocals

    A talented young singer making her professional debut on the Zurich Sessions. She impressed band and producer deeply and left no one in doubt that the Zurich Sessions witnessed a rising star.

  • Thomas Fessler

    Sound Engineer, Mixing

    Thomas is an accomplished engineer, producer and composer from Zurich. His career spans decades over which he has become the producer and engineer of choice for many local and international top acts such as Plüsch, Sina, Florian Ast, Nena and many more. His list of chart hits, Gold and Platinum records is extensive.

  • David Bollinger

    Sound Engineer

    David is a highly skilled sound engineer from Schaffhausen. He has worked with acclaimed Swiss and international musicians who praise his ability to capture sounds that match the individual personality of an artist, the mood of a song and the vibes of a recording session – nothing less he did at the Zurich Sessions.

  • Tom Coyne 

    Senior Mastering Engineer

    The single and video version of „Call My Name” was given the last mastering touches by Tom Coyne at the Sterling Sound Studios in New York. Tom Coyne has dominated mastering in Pop, R&B and dance for the past 20 years and has a significant international client base with hit records worldwide. He worked for artists including Beyoncé, Adele, Pink, Back Street Boys, Britney Spears, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Usher, Maroon 5, Maxwell, Martin Solveig, Prince Royce, Carlos Vives & One Direction and now Peter Baumgartner & Friends.

  • Tom Durack

    Senior Mastering Engineer

    Born into a house full of music in Detroit, Michigan, Tom grew up in love with the likes of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. In 1984 he traveled to New York City to pursue what quickly became a distinguished career as a recording engineer and producer. Tom has recorded, mixed and mastered records for top international artists including the B-52's, Nile Rodgers, Etienne Daho and Ulrich Schnauss. For Peter Baumgartner & Friends, Tom has mastered the singles Old Friend and Restless as well as all the album versions of the songs on The Zurich Sessions.

  • Jeff Thall

    Mixer, Producer

    Jeff Thall is a Mixer, Producer and Composer based in New York City. With guitar as his primary instrument, Jeff has circled the globe touring and recording with world-class artists such as Bryan Ferry, John Cale (Velvet Underground), Ultravox, Nils Lofgren (E Street Band), Leona Naess, Keith Caputo and Lamya. From his studio in NYC, he produces and mixes records for a variety of bands and solo artists including Civilized Tears, Danny Weinkauf (They Might Be Giants) and Chris Grace. Jeff’s music can also be heard in a wide range of television shows including Biography (A&E) plus various series on Lifetime, Discovery Channel, MTV, Animal Planet and The History Channel. For Peter Baumgartner & Friends, Jeff remixed the standout track from Peter’s The Zurich Sessions album, Call My Name.