The Sound of Zurich.

The Zurich Sessions is a musical get-together of finest international and Swiss musicians. We play and record new songs in a laid-back studio atmosphere.

Peter Baumgartner - New Music Out Now
Zurich Session #01

December 2013, 571 Recording Studios, Zurich

Peter Baumgartner & friends.

The first Zurich Sessions took place in the state-of-the-art 571 Recording Studios in Zurich where lots of famous international musicians have recorded songs before. Singer and composer Peter Baumgartner invited six highly acclaimed musicians to record his material. For three days, the group jammed and played the tunes in a relaxed but highly professional studio atmosphere. The whole crew and all musicians had a great time working on catchy folk pop tunes and ballads.

International artists

«Vincent and Tony are both related to another famous musician: Paul Simon. They have played with Paul for a long time and are much-valued members of his band.»